The Reason Why We Cry

Jul 01, 2021

The Day and a Life as an OBGYN getting sued

The reasons why we cry.....

I just witnessed the best surprise delivery I have ever been in. As the baby came out and dad yelled it’s a girl, everyone started to cry. This was moms 4th baby and all her children were boys until today. It was so emotional, tears welled up in my eyes, happy tears for this couple. It is such a miracle bringing life to this world. I am so blessed and honored to be a part of lives in this way.


As the day went on and patients kept rolling in we got really busy. And by the end of the night, delivery after delivery, a patient came in who hadn’t felt her baby move in a couple of days. The worry set in and when it was confirmed her baby had no heartbeat and almost full term, I could feel the tears wanting to well up in me for what this woman was going to have to face. I held my calm and my composure with her. She needed that as she couldn’t hold back her cry. I then went to my call room and cried. I cried for moms just like her who have had their baby die before them, I cried for the OBGYNs who deal with this daily, And I cried to release and feel. You see we are human too. We have feelings and care so deeply especially when things don’t go as expected for the parents.

We care, we love, and we are there in the happiest of times and in the worst of times.

And no matter what I have been through in this profession it is all worth it to be in these moments . This past year has been transformational and I am so excited for the journey of helping other physicians through med Mal.

The above picture is me and my last daughter’s birth.


You can always find me here to chat.

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