The Day and the Life of an OBGYN getting sued….

May 26, 2021


The Day and Life of an OBGYN getting sued…….

After 48hrs of call, 6 babies later and an emergency csection at 130am I had a choice today at noon. My bed was calling me. I wanted so much to lay in it. It is the most comfortable place on earth literally in my world . My brain was whispering how tired I was, how I deserved to go to bed, but..... I chose to run instead. It was not an easy decision. I so wanted to go to bed. This is exactly what our brains want us to do. They want us to retreat to comfort, familiarity, to put in the least amount of effort. They were designed this way. 60,000 thoughts come to us daily and we get to choose which ones serves us. 50% positive and 50% negative. Most of us go to the negative thoughts and stay there.

Since my lawsuit I have carried around thoughts like I am not a good doctor, people don’t like me, I’m an imposter, I’m exhausted, I’m burned out, and I could go on. And My brain overlooks all the good thoughts and things I know like.....

I have delivered care to thousands of women and babies.

I have saved lives literally and last night when I was needed I was there even in the exhaustion because mom and baby needed me.

I have had so many thank me over the years for bringing life in the world and so many nurses have also acknowledged the good care I give.

We get to decide which thoughts to focus on. I am choosing the positive ones. It’s still a daily battle when you have an event like a lawsuit but it can be done and something amazing can come out of it.

Thanks Devon Gimbel for helping me retrain my mind and set me on track for a life of purpose.

And about my run. I ran a pace I hadn’t run before. Anything is possible.

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