I got Sued…

May 23, 2021

My brothers death.....

When someone so close to you dies you reevaluate everything in your life.

You self reflect on questions like

What is my purpose?

What is my calling?

Am I wasting time?

Who am I?

How do I spend the rest of my life in significance not just success?

If I am honest with myself, I have been wasting the last few years. Complacent. Not putting myself out there. Hiding. Judging others. Tired/exhausted. Not being the person God created or the best version of myself.



This ugly emotion creeps up on you and we tend to carry stories around that create this emotion when we have had events in our life that deeply hurt us. I have been carrying around shame because I was sued as a physician. Yes I just said that. While I won’t share any details I will share the emotions from a docs perspective. Our culture in medicine is one of not talking about this. It’s so taboo but we need change. We are HUMAN. And Working in my field as an OBGYN the facts are 4 out of 5 of us will be named in a lawsuit. 4 out of 5 so that’s the norm not the unusual. And no matter the outcome of the case whether it’s settled, goes to trial, win or lose it deeply affects our identity and who we know ourselves to be. I mean most of us have given our heart and soul into our field. Spending countless hours and sleepless nights at the expense of our families to help patients. We care so deeply about helping others so when something like this happens to us it shakes us to our core. We shrink, we hide, we doubt, we worry, we question and I could go on and on.

So no longer.

I am not hiding.

I will speak up to be the advocate of change for us Docs.

Medical Malpractice is real. Litigation stress is real. Malpractice stress syndrome is real. The reality of our world when we get sued is that most of us are great Docs. We follow the standard of care and do what is right with the science we have in front of us at the time. Even though we know this intellectually we are also Human and our brain can lead us to thoughts that do not serve us and keep us trapped in the cycle of shame. My journey of self healing over the last few months has taken me to learn how our brain works and our thoughts really do create our results in our life. And I have learned how to retrain our very thinking when that event in our life has derailed us. I am so thankful for being on this journey of life coaching and learning to coach myself and others.

So what has God placed in front me now as a purpose and a calling. Of course it’s helping others which is what my passion has always been but it’s more than that. It’s helping other physicians through Med Mal and helping them thrive past it. If this is you, I know you and I feel for you. You are not alone.

I will be posting and sharing more about the physicians perspective on this and on a day and the life of an ObGYN. If you don’t want to know about litigation stress and all the things Med Mal you can unfollow me. I understand and won’t be offended.

So no more hiding. Putting myself out there. And to my core I am a child of God who has gifted me with being an OBGYN, ARBONNE NVP, and now a coach for physicians facing medical Malpractice and being the expert on litigation stress.

So here is to the best year yet 2021 in helping change lives.

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